we represent several cmm providers to attend local requests and provide key-on solutions to inspect your product. software inspection for touch probing and points clounds acquisition. reporting and statistical software packages available.  


metrology services for parts inspection, initial samples, jigs & gauges inspection. support on site to help you lauching new products and cover peaks of work. reverse engineering. jigs and gauges construction.


AUKOM training with certified trainers. specific sotware training metrolog, power inspect, QS_Sat, VDA.

teoric and practical training on our your facility. available on portuguese, spanish and english languages.


we provide tools to measure the gaps on your process important tool to be used on the production of body parts as well to support on the final assembly interior or exterior parts GAP-GAUGE tools available in two versions G25 from 0,25mm to 4 mm in steps of 0,25 and G50 from 0,5 mm to 8 mm in steps of 0,5. 



Our Services

  • inspection on CNC CMM`s for process  control
  • parts programming on and off-line.
  • SPC analyze and process control
  • investigations for the process control and product approval VDA 
  • inspection with portable equipments for large volume measurementfor inspections and on site measurements like jigs
  • renting of metrology equipments
  • renting of man-power for specialized activities or any other demand like visual inspections
  • reverse engineering
  • metrology training
  • gauges and holding fixtures construction

Our Expertise

we 25 years experience on the automotive and aeronautic area. wored and supported many companies on 4 diferent continents and exchanged know-how with so many diferent groups that will help supporting you with diferent ideas to solve your problem. test us!


Our solutions

 integrated solutions like PMP`s development, off-line programming, on site debugging on diferent equipments and softwares. provide full package of hardware and software. loading systems, pallets, fixtures. a complete turkey project as never done by other company.